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How to store exclusive cigars well and safely

For those who know the subject, the word "humidor" is immediately associated with an elegant wooden box or cigar cabinet. Inside, a hygrometer and an air humidifier. When the cigar collection begins to grow and most of it is filled with series of global brands, the value of the exhibits inside the cabinet requires appropriate protection. Our new product - the PantzerGlass humidor - will be perfect for this.


The PantzerGlass humidor is a combination of an armored steel cabinet and a wooden humidor for exclusive tobacco products. The steel PantzerGlass humidor will suit modern interiors. Our cabinet will contribute to giving the interior a special character of elegance and wealth. An armored humidor can be an excellent gift for a modern man, businessman, imbued with the aesthetics of expensive cigars and male pleasures.


The first humidor was made in 1907

Alfred Dunhill, an English tobacco seller, is believed to be credited with introducing the first humidor. Apparently, it is the forerunner of "Alfred Dunhill Ltd." developed a cigar storage technology, consisting in maintaining constant air humidity. Dunhill noted that constant humidity was essential to maintain the quality of cigars and the flavor of tobacco over the long term.


Wooden, sealed cigar box

A traditional humidor is a cigar storage cabinet made of high-quality wood. Wood with appropriate humidity perfectly maintains constant conditions inside the cabinet. The most popular and desirable wood is Spanish cedar. It happens that the entire box (cabinet) is made of a different type of wood, and the interior is made of high-quality Spanish cedar. The humidor should be durable and airtight. The joints should not contain glue. The interior should not be protected with varnishes, oxidation of which may affect the taste and smell of the stored tobacco.


Moisture under control

The humidor should be hermetic, as much as possible. The most important job of a humidor is to keep the moisture inside. Tobacco cannot dry out because it crumbles, changes the taste, or burns in differently. On the other hand, too high level of humidity harms the wooden structure of the cabinet, and the worst case scenario is the appearance of mold, which can threaten the entire collection in the crucial cabinet. A element of the humidor interior is therefore the apparatus for measuring and maintaining constant air humidity. The most important thing is to control the conditions inside the humidor. The classic set is an analog hygrometer with a clock-like pointer and a metal container with water. Modern, high-quality humidors are equipped with an electronically controlled air humidification system.


A look that catches the eye

In addition to the functionality of the cabinet, it is also important it's beautiful look. In the case of a cabinet with a glass cabinet front, the piece of furniture should attract attention and encourage you to see the cigar displayed inside. PantzerGlass display cases with internal LED strip lighting will be perfect here. We can control the RGB LED lighting system using a dedicated remote control or an application installed on our smartphone. In the metal, armored body we will place a wooden wardrobe - a humidor for elegant cigar collections. The PantzerGlass metal humidor is perfect for modern interiors, businessmen's offices, and stylish homes. We will secure the armored door with a certified electronic digital lock with an access code or a fingerprint reader.


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We will design your dream PantzerGlass humidor together with you. We will make it for you so that you can fully and safely enjoy your collection of the world's cigars.

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