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Will a safe with a glass in the door keep us safe?

A gun cabinet with glass doors does not seem to be secure. As a rule, we associate the glass with something fragile, easy to break, so at first glance such a safe will not provide adequate protection for our weapons or valuable property. The thing is that special, safe and protective layered glass are used in gun cabinets. This gives us a guarantee that the cabinet will not be broken in a short time.


A combination of tempered glass and a special foil

Safety laminated glass is a combination of a toughened glass pane with a PVB foil (polyvinyl butyral foil). Protective panes are designed to resist the acting force in such a way as to effectively values delay access to on the other side. During an attempted break-in, the glass should resist long enough to effectively discourage the intruder or withstand it until the alarmed security arrives. The protective properties of safety-glass panes result from the high tear strength of the PVB film and the properties of toughened glass, which is five times more durable than ordinary glass. In safe anti-burglary and bulletproof panes, the resistance to burglary or a specific type of weapon and the distance of fire is regulated by the number of glass panes and PVB foil layers.


Glass like a thick steel grille

At Hunter Safes, in the production of PantzerGlass cabinets, we use glass with increased resistance to burglary, with the security class P7B (anti-burglary and safe glass) and BR2 (bullet-proof glass), according to PN-EN 356:2000.
According to the PN-EN 356:2000 standard, P7 class panes can replace the grating made of steel bars diameter of 16 mm. They can be used in factories and jewelry stores, banks, special facilities or exhibitions of items of high protected value. The resistance of protective glass according to PN-EN 356: 2000 - anti-burglary, is tested by hitting with an ax. The safety glass of the P7B class withstands 51 to 70 ax blows.


See the test of our PantzerGlass gun cabinet

Quality confirmed by certificates

Our PantzerGlass safes, with glass doors with anti-burglary and bullet-proof glass, are manufactured in accordance with European standards. At the production stage, we use high-quality materials, proven and certified locks of European manufacturers. Our products are tested and certified by the independent Institute of Precision Mechanics. A gun cabinet with glass in the door is a very unique and safe way to display your collection of hunting or sports weapons.

PantzerGlass cabinets, carefully crafted in Hunter Safes, a company with many years of experience, are unique and exclusive hobbyist safes.

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