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Use the options to build your PantzerGlass cabinet

PantzerGlass cabinet is an exclusive product, manufactured to individual order. In our store you will see the products that we have developed and made for our clients satisfaction. In order to match a specific cabinet to your individual needs, we have prepared a wide range of options that should be selected at the stage of ordering.


The heart of the safe is the lock

In the PantzerGlass line safes, we install an electronic combination lock with a numeric keypad as standard. However, our client can decide for himself what lock will be installed in his safe. Supporters of classic solutions that operate without electricity can choose a certified key lock or a mechanical lock with a classic combination shield. The offer of electronic combination locks includes models that enable access codes to be assigned to several or several dozen people. The most innovative solution is the Finkey lock with a fingerprint reader. Certified in German VdS 1 and 2 class. Can be mounted in most safes and gun cabinets. Don't want to remember another code? From now on, you can open the door of your safe by placing your finger on the reader. Have you found another, interesting lock for you? If possible, we will install it in your safe.


All the colors of the rainbow

The varnish coating of our products is made with the use of powder paint by the Swiss company IGP Power Coating Systems. It is a "low-temperature" paint, for which the oven temperature is 130 ° C. Compared to standard powder coatings, requiring curing at 190 ° C, IGP paint allows you to reduce electricity consumption and thus achieve a lower environmental impact . The standard paintwork at Hunter Safes is RAL 7016 Anthracite. However, if the customer has chosen a different color from the RAL palette, just contact our office and inform us about it at the stage of placing the order. Popular colors being chosen by our customers are: RAL 7035 light gray, RAL 9005 deep black, RAL 3020 red, RAL 5017 blue, antique green and antique copper.


A stylish handle as a decoration of the safe

The original handle, mounted in the safe door, can give a special character. In PantzerGlass safes, we install three-spoke (S713-III) handles, designed and manufactured by Hunter Safes. It is a handle stylistically referring to the classic safe lever. At the customer's request, the handle can be painted in any color from the RAL palette (e.g. the color of the cabinet / safe). We also install classic, one-spoke levers by the German manufacturer Wittkopp in our products. If you liked a different handle available on the market - we can mount it to your safe.


The door opens to the right or left hand

Doors in PantzerGlass cabinets are hung on classic, external hinges. As standard, the hinges are mounted on the right side. If you want the door in your safe to open to the left hand, just make your selection in the appropriate field.



Decorating the interior with a colorful carpet improves the appearance of the cabinet and provides additional protection against scratching your valuables. The lining can be supplied in various colors and mounted on the bottom, shelves, pull-out drawers and in internal safes. As a standard, we use gray carpeting. You can choose a different color from the list or contact us and let us know your favorite color.



In order to get items stored behind the bulletproof glass clearly visible, we install internal LED lighting in PantzerGlass cabinets. Modern RGBW LED lamps allow for smooth brightness adjustment and selection of the lighting color depending on the interior design or the mood we want to create. For each PantzerGlass cabinet we can install internal lighting, controlled by a dedicated remote control or a smartphone. It is up to the customer to choose whether it will be a ceiling or LED strip, installed on the side walls and ceiling, or another indicated place.


Double floor

In PantzerGlass cabinets, we install a double bottom floor. This allows you to hide the mounting anchors fixed to the first floor bottom. In the space between the first and second floors, there is also a place to hide the power supply for the lighting wiring. The space between the plates can also be considered as a hidden compartment;)


Elegant, glass shelves for Your accessories

For owners of precious little possessions who would like to display them safely in a safe behind a bulletproof glass in the door. We have an offer for mounting glass shelves. The 6mm thick glass shelves are perfect for presenting a collection of jewelry, handguns or other small-caliber artifacts. Glass shelves plus internal lighting will make your armored cabinet look like an elegant display case.


Additional films for bulletproof glass in the door

The glass in the PantzerGlass door can be enhanced by sticking special, dedicated foils. A product that we especially recommend to every owner of a safe with a glass in the door is an "intelligent foil" that allows you to control the transparency of the glass. After installing such a foil just press a button on a dedicated remote control (or in the smartphone application) to make the transparent glass a milky glass plate, hiding your treasures from unwanted sight. To people who would like to store valuable property in safes with bulletproof glass, we recommend the use of an additional anti-burglary foil. This foil increases the resistance of the glass against extending the time and effort needed to break through our vault.


Fitted production

The production of a gun cabinet with dimensions specified by the customer is our specialty. Each cabinet model available in our store can be modified in external and internal dimensions, according to customer's wishes. The maximum dimensions of the wardrobe are 195 cm high, 120 cm wide, up to 100 cm deep.


We hope that the possibility to choose various options and appearance of the PantzerGlass family safe will help to create a model that will meet your expectations in 100%.
It will be a unique and original safe.

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